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Don't Be A Basic Bench: A Comprehensive Introductory Guide

Hello everyone!
In an effort to keep the subreddit and its wiki filled with good and useful information, we are compiling guides for the main lifts (deadlift, squat, bench, potentially others). These guides will be added to the wiki and posted as posts as they are completed. The goal of these guides is to provide basic lift information, descriptions of some common variations, equipment considerations, related and complimentary exercises, additional resources for further reading, and to showcase incredible women (and non-binary folks) performing these lifts.
This is the second entry in this lift series. Check out the first entry, The Deadlift Guide in the FAQ!
If you have suggestions regarding things that should be added to these guides, or other subjects you'd like to see in the wiki, please message the mods!

The Bench Press

Bench Press Form and Variations

The main muscle group worked by the bench press is the pectoralis major, which is the largest muscle in the chest area. The pectoralis major muscle has two sections that are named for the bones they attach to – the sternal portion attaches to the breast bone and makes up the bulk of the muscle fibers, making up the middle and lower section; the clavicular portion attaches to the collarbone and is the more superior (upper) portion. The bench press also heavily involves the triceps (back of the upper arm), and recruits the deltoid muscles (shoulder), and pectoralis minor to lesser extents.
I’ll first be discussing the form for a standard, flat, “neutral/wide” grip bench press. Variations on this will be discussed below it. This guide is written for barbell bench pressing, but all of these variations can be performed with dumbbells as well.
Flat bench – the standard/”default” bench press Start out flat on the bench with bar directly over your eyes (with spotter) or over your nose/mouth (without spotter), feet flat, butt and upper back planted firmly on the bench. Arching of the lumbar spine is normal, fine, and absolutely legal in lifting competitions. Scapulas (shoulderblades) should be retracted or “pinched together” to provide both a stable flat surface for your upper back to settle on the bench, and to minimize undue tension on your shoulder joints. Retracting your scapulae will also puff your chest up and put your shoulders in a safer position for the lift.
The bar should rest in the heel of your palm so that it is stacked above the wrist, forearm, and elbows through the lift. A slight internal rotation of the hands will help with this positioning and will angle your elbows out slightly. For a standard flat bench press, your hands will be a bit further apart than shoulder width – about 1.5-2x shoulder width is the average position – position your hands so that your forearms will be almost completely perpendicular to the floor at the bottom of the lift.
Retract your scapulae (as if you’re trying to pick up a pencil off the bench between them), keep actively pushing your chest up, take in a big belly breath, and hold it before pushing the bar away from the rack and locking out at the elbows. Bring the bar down your torso so that it is directly over the line of your shoulders – this is likely going to be about the level of the middle of your sternum or your nipple line, but may vary depending on your individual anatomy and the degree of arching your back is doing.
The bar should be directly above your elbows at all times during the movement of the lift. This not only increases stability during the lift, but also prevents undue stress on your triceps or your shoulders. It also is the most efficient configuration for using the majority of the muscle fibers within the pectoralis major.
Speaking of efficiency in recruiting pectoral muscle fibers, let’s talk about arching your back during a bench press. This is a faux controversy like “sumo deadlifting is cheating” – the claim is that an arch will significantly decrease the range of motion for the bar, making the lift “easier”. While the purpose of the arch is to slightly decrease the range of motion, it also makes the lift safer at the bottom of the movement, which is the riskiest for your shoulder joints. It also serves to recruit more of your pectoral muscle fibers to the lift – this should increase the amount of weight one can lift and impact muscle growth when the goal is hypertrophy.
Degree of arching is going to be up to personal preference and anatomy, but some degree of arch is natural and normal. Check out the natural position of the spine and you can see that the lumbar spine (lower back) has a natural forward curve (lordosis) which helps with loadbearing since we’re just hairless upright apes. An arch during bench press may be anywhere from your normal lumbar spine position to an exaggeration of your body’s natural lordosis.
As you lower the bar, keep tension in your upper body by trying to “break the bar in half” or “rip the bar apart” until it touches your mid-to-lower sternum (depending on anatomy and degree of arch). After a touch (and brief pause, if you’re powerlifting), push the bar back upwards and slightly backwards towards your face to lockout. You can now exhale that big belly breath you’ve been holding for the duration of the rep.

How-To Guides/Videos

Bench Press Variations

Helpful Bench Press Cues

Supplemental/Complimentary Exercises

MegSquats also recently posted a “3 tips for push ups” post that several of our users have already mentioned as being helpful.

Equipment, Tools, and Other Considerations

These items are not required to be successful in bench pressing, but can be beneficial to lifters that bench press at any skill or weight level.

Badass Women Bench Pressing Obscene Numbers

Jen Thompson using wrist straps, slingshot, and benchblokz to bench 340lbs 3x
Jen Thompson 330lb PR
Jen Thompson just holding 550lbs in lockout because god damn
Kimberly Walford, legs up 231.5lb
Kimberly Walford, 253.5lbs – note bar path
April Mathis, 355lbs plus 115lbs in chains
Shannon Nash, 380lbs at 185lb BW
Allison Hind – 345lbs at 165BW and 335lbs at 148BW
17 year old Samantha Eugenie, 217lb at 139lbs. Extreme but legal arch - her butt is still in contact with the bench
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How a Danish university dependent on corporate America fosters corporate loyalty in students

Students of Roskilde University ("RUC") have no choice but to accept, become dependent on, and support these corporations:
At RUC there is no escape from Microsoft. Mathworks is only avoided by students who avoid taking statistics.

E-mail service that establishes trust in Microsoft (and how it evolves into loyalty)

RUC has outsourced e-mail service to Microsoft. Students are obligated to access their Microsoft-served e-mail in order to receive official correspondence from school staff. There is no opt-out mechanism.
Regular exposure to MS corporate branding in the student's UI establishes brand awareness using freemium. Students become accustomed to the look and feel of the Outlook UI, making them more likely to develop trust and cling to that interface more in the future. It's through repeated forced bonding with Microsoft's UI that leads ultimately to fostered loyalty.
The loyalty is deepened further when the student grapples with idiosyncrasies like booking a room because the struggle leads to the user acquiring vendor-specific knowledge. The user is rewarded when their skill with the tool advances as they become more efficient with overcoming flaws and anti-features; as if they filled up a Starbucks loyalty card and got a payout. Unlike a loyalty card these advancements continue rewarding the user as long as they keep using the tool. When the user faces the decision to use an alternate tool they are less inclined to give up the vendor-specific knowledge that has accumulated.
So overcoming non-intuitive aspects of a UI actually leads to more loyalty. The university sharpens this effect by trapping the student on the tool. Whereas being outside an organization includes freedom to switch tools anytime a use-case becomes non-intuitive.
RUC has disabled IMAP access, thereby crippling students who would prefer a vendor-neutral standards-complying mail user agent ("MUA") or an MUA of a different vendor. Forcing Microsoft's non-standard protocols and favoring Microsoft UIs creates biases that raise the barrier to exit. Diligent motivated users who install Evolution or hack together a davmail proxy can escape -- but these users are a small minority and ultimately still forced to share their email contents with Microsoft and to feed Microsoft's bottom line.
And what about independence? If the university can't handle being independent from corporations itself aren't students therefore conditioned to lack confidence in overcoming corporate dependency?
When a self-sufficient student or outsider who runs their own residential mail server tries to send an email to an recipient, they are blocked. Microsoft has configured their mail servers to force individuals to be dependent on a corporation for email delivery. RUC has aligned with a corporation who pushes corporate loyalty even beyond the school, dragging outsiders into the Microsoft loyalty program and causing collateral damage to those who don't comply with Microsoft-dictated policy on how email must be transmitted in order for MS to accept it.

Document preparation: Office 365 or Google Docs (LaTeX discouraged)

Students are free to choose their document preparation tool, but professors and supervisors discourage the use of LaTeX. Scientific papers are produced within group projects with supervisors serving as mentors. Some supervisors are reluctant to learn LaTeX or review LaTeX code. Consequently professors urge students to avoid LaTeX to accommodate limitations of supervisors.
RUC equips students with MS Onedrive accounts and one writing tool: MS Word, which is supplied with gratis copies of Office 365. This implies that using MS Word with its co-authoring feature and Onedrive is the only approach on which students can expect official school support. Note that Office 365 is unavailable to Linux users who are therefore limited to the feature-poor in-browser Word app should a Linux user end up in a Microsoft-aligned group.
Some groups opt for LaTeX (vendor-neutral) and use Overleaf (a service of Writelatex Limited) for collaboration, but this choice comes with risk. If just one student in the group opposes the steep learning curve that LaTeX entails, that student likely already has vendor loyalties that they developed in post-secondary school and they will fight hard to avoid the effort of learning something new. RUC basically has the back of students who resist LaTeX, which bends groups in the direction of a corporate solution that builds vendor loyalty.
Google Docs is seemingly the most popular choice. The school discourages use of the most suitable vendor-neutral technology so students gravitate toward Google Docs.
All realtime collaboration options (msword, gdocs, latex) have stumbling blocks and idiosyncrasies. The LaTeX variety of issues lead students to learn something useful about the language or text editor, which furthers their knowledge of technology in a generic way that can be useful in the future. The MS Word and Google Docs varieties of issues lead students to learn about workarounds for specific flaws and limitations of those particular tools. This vendor-specific knowledge is not generally portable to other tools. It's without foundation and does not generally form a basis for building more knowledge. It's knowledge that bonds the user to the tool. The increased efficiency of knowing workarounds for vendor-specific tools serve to heighten vendor loyalty. The user becomes less inclined to migrate to a competing tool later because it entails wasting the knowledge that has no other applicability while inviting new issues to tackle.

Proprietary software labeled as "Free Software" helps propagate brand loyalty

RUC distributes gratis copies of licensed proprietary software under the heading "Free Software". "Free" has two meanings in English: freedom and gratis. The software industry specifically assigns "free software" special meaning: software that gives the user freedom. The software offered by RUC under this heading is quite the opposite of the industry-accepted term. Microsoft Office 365 and Matlab are commercial proprietary binary blobs that deny students the academic freedom of looking at the source code. The distinction between gratis and freedom when discussing software is paramount. RUC's use of the term misinforms the students they are tasked with educating.
Use of the word "free" has a bigger problem: it's one of the most powerful forces in neuromarketing used to manipulate consumers according to Dan Ariely's study published in Predictably Irrational. RUC has refused to correct the heading on their English website from "free software" to "gratis proprietary software". RUC is exploiting the persuasion of the word "free" to maximize the number of students who will install software that will induce brand loyalty.

Research material jailed in corporate walled-gardens of Google and CloudFlare

Library research is sacred and central to academic coursework. One of the primary sources of information available to RUC students is Google Scholar ("GS"). GS is a walled-garden that blocks access to full text if the student is not signed on through the school. RUC recently started blocking Tor. So RUC students who opt to use GS have been forced to give up the only mechanism that protects them from website visitor tracking ("WVT") in this instance. Although a RUC user id has always been potentially disclosed to Google Scholar through the callback authentication mechanism, students could previously use to Tor to avoid exposing their IP address and browser print to Google, which Google can use to cross-reference logged-out searches. Now avoiding that privacy abuse requires abandoning Google Scholar.
With conventional web searches we can easily give up Google because there are good decentralized alternatives like Searx. But Google Scholar has weak competition at RUC and librarians encourage its use. Simply getting the list of database alternatives first requires executing javascript from Once Microsoft is trusted (not that it should be), a database list is populated and "REX" is available.
REX is rich in search results and makes it viable to avoid Google Scholar. However, REX does not contain the full text of articles and REX does not serve as a proxy either. REX supplies students a link directly to the external resource that has the full text. These external sources are often dominated by privacy abusers, most notably CloudFlare Inc (an adversary of the Tor community). A substantial number of REX-indexed articles are served by Proquest, who currently subjects users to CloudFlare's IP logging in violation of the GDPR.
Privacy is not the focus of this article, but it's related to the loyalty problem. Because CloudFlare is a privacy abuser, ethical informed students may opt to boycott CloudFlare. Students should not be forced to patronize a privacy abuser who surreptitiously collects their IP addresses and who has taken centralized control of over 10% of the web while undermining network neutrality. When Copenhagen Library leads students to a CloudFlare-controlled private walled-garden, it creates a conflict of interest between academic research and the ethical need to boycott bad players.
CloudFlare goes unnoticed to most people and students would not be developing any kind of brand awareness or loyalty to them. However, students need not just to be free from loyalty but also need the freedom to be proactively disloyal. Putting CloudFlare in reckless control of our academic resources is a bad idea. When we encounter CloudFlare in the marketplace as consumers, we can simply vote with our feet and take our business elsewhere. But this academic intrusion is not solved by students voting with their feet because while research potential is lost public money is still going toward the detriment of freedom.
Europe's Plan S initiative will require government-funded research to be made available to the public on the date of publication by the year 2020. However, Copenhagen Library is dependent on publishers who will continue to jail scientific journals in the private corporate walled-garden of CloudFlare Inc.

Copenhagen housing crisis and Facebook's role in it

There is an acute housing shortage in the whole Copenhagen region resulting in apartments with waiting lists as long as five years. There is also a shortage of on-campus university-administered student housing that's so severe that Roskilde University has restricted the units exclusively to exchange students. Permanent full-time students are ineligible for these rooms.
The school provides no service to help the 8000+ permanent students secure a place to stay amid the shortage. Students are given no information about how to directly get in contact with owners of apartments in close proximity to the university. RUC publishes a list of commercial profit-driven brokers who charge students a fee for helping with the hunt for housing or roommates. In some cases the fee is not based on placement so a student could pay fees to simply communicate with a prospective roommate or landlord without actually acquiring housing - which is a very likely scenario.
Students are made dependent on a dozen or so private corporations before school even begins. RUC pays a premium to one of them ("Housinganywhere") to give RUC students VIP treatment (which in this case entails answering e-mail from students), and Housinganywhere falls short of responding to e-mail.
These brokers have no obligation to get a student a booking. Students often arrive homeless or become homeless mid-term. This illustrates the inherent problem of outsourcing to private corporations something as essential as student housing particularly when resources are severely limited.
The brokers' objective is to maximize profit not maximize student placements. One of the brokers charges nothing to the students but designed their website to deny service to students who don't have a CPR number (a number that can only be acquired after establishing a residence), so students entering Denmark for the first time are blocked from using the one broker who charges them nothing.
Another corporate artifact is age discrimination. Some buildings try to cater for students and to keep the rentals marketable to students they impose an age limit. Every "dorm" in close proximity to RUC imposes age restrictions so older RUC students are pushed out of the city to suit corporate policy.
RUC and the housing specialists and brokers RUC endorses have come up short. Enter Facebook. Facebook is the hack by which students find housing. Facebook secures student loyalty in this case not by clever marketing but simply by actually serving as a hack to an otherwise ill-served need.

Facebook invasion into official school communications

Of all the corporations RUC fosters loyalty for, Facebook is the most insidious. Facebook is a cocaine addiction compared to others. Copious articles try to help people break away from Facebook. The stranglehold of Facebook loyalty has driven Cornell University to study it.
Facebook is used to make announcements to RUC students and the internal website is littered with Facebook references. In particular, there are social events that are officially school-sanctioned which appear exclusively on Facebook.
Some might say "fair enough" because social events are non-essential and purely for entertainment. However, RUC has organized all the coursework around group projects. A culture of social bonding is considered important enough to justify having school-sanctioned parties on campus. The organizers have gone as far as to strategically separate student parties and to discourage intermingling across the parties so that students form more bonds with the peers they work with academically. Social bonding is a component of the study program.
Announcing these social events exclusively on Facebook creates an irresistible temptation for non-Facebook users to join. It also destroys any hope of existing FB users who want to break away from Facebook from doing so. Students without Facebook accounts are naturally in the dark. Facebook non-patrons may be able to catch ad-hoc hallway chatter about school events but this is a reckless approach.
When the official class schedule is incorrectly published students who discover the error in advance announce it on Facebook. Facebook then stands as the only source of information for schedule corrections, causing Facebook non-patrons to either miss class or show up for a class that doesn't exist.
Unofficial student-led seminars and workshops are sometimes announced exclusively on Facebook. These workshops are optional but academic nonetheless.
Sometimes information exists on the school website and is duplicated on Facebook. The information becomes very well buried on the poorly organized school website because the maintainers are paying more attention to the Facebook publication that they assume everyone is reading. Specifically the study abroad program has two versions of the document that lists all the foreign schools for which there is an exchange program. One version is obsolete showing schools that no longer participate. Both versions appear in different parts of the website. The schedule of study abroad workshops is so buried that a student relying on the school website is unlikely to know that the workshops even exist. Removing the Facebook distraction would perhaps mitigate the website neglect.
RUC does not instruct students to establish Facebook accounts. There is simply a silent expectation that students have them. Some of the above mentioned problems can come as a surprise because Facebook excludes non-members from even viewing the content, so non-patrons don't even have a way to see what kind of information they are missing. There is an immense undercurrent of pressure for RUC students to become addicted patrons of Facebook's corporate walled-garden.

VPN depends on GSM

RUC's VPN service requires two-factor authentication ("2fa), and the possession factor is met exclusively by SMS messages. There is no opportunity to opt-out of 2fa and no possibility to use an alternate mechanism. Phones and service are also not provided. This forces students into the marketplace to buy phone equipment when most phone vendors have a long history of unethical conduct. Many GSM service providers have the same problem.
If a student can manage to find non-controversial hardware and service they are still subject to needless tracking that's inherent in GSM technology while being pushed into establishing loyalty for the corporation, baited by the lower pricing of phones and plans that are marketed with contracts. A student should be able to reject all GSM hardware and service vendors without being denied access to the RUC's VPN service.

Telegram Messanger

The FabLab uses Telegram Messanger. Offering to collaborate through a service like this is an advancement away from corporate dependency in principle because it enables voice communication without GSM service. However, Telegram is centralized and requires users to disclose their mobile phone numbers (which they may not have) just to register for an account even if it's only going to be used on a desktop. Some Telegram competitors have figured out how to offer gratis account registration without imposing GSM service on the user.


The statistics class is structured around MATLABtm, which cannot be installed without registering at Mathworks website (under Dynatrace tracking mechanisms), signing click-through agreements, and disclosing an email address. The email address is later used to promote Mathworks' products and to ask students to help Mathworks with product promotion to others.
Students would normally be charged for a MATLAB license but RUC pays a high premium to ensure students pay nothing. This creates a brand awareness using freemium scenario. Mathworks marketing tries to draw students to more Mathworks products. Students have little choice but to become entrenched in acquiring vendor-specific knowledge on MATLAB to get through the class. This creates a bond and potential to manifest into brand loyalty.

Microblogging centralized on Twitter - loyalty required (new section)

RUC uses Twitter exclusively for microblogging. Without a Twitter account students are only permitted to read RUC's timeline and cannot participate in any discussion.
Students must become loyal to Twitter Inc. if they want to participate in RUC's microblog. Twitter registration requires Tor users to have a phone number and to disclose it. This forces students to either expose their IP address to Twitter for their records or to trust Twitter with their phone number. Both situations compromise anonymity and as a consequence chills speech. Students are also forced to agree to Twitter's one-sided non-negotiable terms before they can communicate with RUC.
Twitter is a private corporation with ultimate authority over which students may talk to their school and what they can say. Twitter has a right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, and they use it. My account was locked because (apparently) using an API over Tor is (falsely) treated as robotic use. So here I am among the public with the need to communicate with my public school, and this private corporation has blocked it.
RUC gives Twitter this power.

Freedom-respecting solutions

If RUC wants to foster independence from sketchy corporations and enable students to boycott unethical players:
RUC needs to replace.. with.. mail server in-house mail server, IMAP service (perhaps consult UCLA for guidance)
MS Office 365 shell accounts on vendor-neutral OS, version control, emacs+Rudel, Gobby or the like, LaTeX, LyX, Libreoffice
Google Docs Cryptopad
Telegram Messenger Openfire or Jami
Matlab GNU Octave
Facebook, Twitter Diaspora, Friendica, GNU Social and/or Mastodon (ideally in-house nodes)
Google Scholar PeerJ (cough..and Sci-Hub..cough)
REX references to CloudFlared sites non-CloudFlared sources if they exist, otherwise show an apologetic warning of GDPR breach next to the CF link & state where to complain javascript that renders db list HTML
SMS 2fa code card
"Free Software" website heading "Gratis Proprietary Software"
(†) actually Copenhagen Library needs to do this, not RUC. (‡) RUC does not push students to use Google Docs; inertia brings students there. RUC should guide students away from that particular privacy-hostile walled-garden.

Call to action (update)

Contact the DPA for Denmark:
Datatilsynet Borgergade 28, 5 Tel. +45 33 1932 00 Fax +45 33 19 32 18 email: [email protected] Website: Member: Ms Cristina Angela GULISANO, Director 
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[PLEASE STICKY] How to avoid wasting your time and everyone else's time, and increase your chance of solving modded Minecraft crashes.

First of all: Don't post crashes on this thread. Create a separate text post. Obviously.


Know the common crashes

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Close your /FeedTheBeastCrashes browser tab, give yourself a little self-facepalm, and allocate more RAM (some packs have RAM recommendations, look for that). Problem solved. If not, go to a bug tracker if you suspect a memory leak. Make sure to isolate the problem.
# There is insufficient memory for the Java Runtime Environment to continue. # Native memory allocation (malloc) failed to allocate 1577296 bytes for Chunk::new 
Paradoxically, this can mean you've allocated too much RAM, causing the java heap to exceed the physical amount of RAM available. Try lowering the maximum RAM allocation. Also try closing web browsers and other large software suites.
net.minecraftforge.fml.common.MissingModsException: or java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Usually, this means you forgot to install a dependency. Look for hints in the crash report. The curseforge websites has a button to show all dependencies of a given mod, check that. If you still can't find a compatible dependency version, post here.
java.lang.RuntimeException: Invalid id 4096 - maximum id range exceeded. You've added too many mods and have run up against Minecraft's item ID limit. Either remove some mods, or use JustEnoughIDs (1.12) or NotEnoughIDs (1.7.10 - 1.12.2). I'm not sure what we did before 1.7.10 to solve this, but a solution exists. If anyone remembers what it was, post it, because my googling is failing.
java.lang.ClassCastException: class jdk.internal.loader.ClassLoaders$AppClassLoader cannot be cast to class (jdk.internal.loader.ClassLoaders$AppClassLoader and are in module java.base of loader 'bootstrap') You need Java 8. Minecraft does not support newer Java versions (9, 10, 11)

Crash reports & Logs

If your /FeedTheBeastCrashes post or bug report doesn't have any computer-generated text, then all we can do is guess. This is the most important part of this guide. Please also read the section below about pastebins
  • Post crash reports. Crash reports begin with ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- and end at the end of the log file. Yes, the whole thing. Not some random line that you chose because you think it might be the problem.
  • If there is no crash report you can find, or you suspect it might provide additional context to a crash report, post the entire log file. If the problem is not a complete crash, it might be a good idea to provide the timestamp that the problem occurs at. It really doesn't matter if you think that the logs won't give any information. Post them anyways. If the Minecraft window opened at all, then it produced some logs.
  • How to find logs:
    • MultiMC
      • If you are using MultiMC and you are not posting a ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----, then along with the rest of the log, include the magenta text at the top of the log output. This includes useful information about hardware, the mod list, java version, java arguments, etc. Normally this is found in crash reports but MultiMC conveniently adds it to the top of the log output too. Hardware info is also available in all forge logs under [FML]: -- System Details --
    • FTB Legacy & Twitch
    • Minecraft: %appdata%/.minecraft/logs/latest.log or ~/.minecraft/logs/latest.log
      • If you're using the vanilla launcher, do not copy from the log window, as this causes obnoxious formatting issues. Always find the actual log file.
    • Technic: %appdata%/.technic or ~/.technic
  • Indicate when the crash happens. As the game is loading? As your world is loading? The instant you place a certain block in the world?
  • If you're on a server, post both server and client logs. Communicate with your admin and try to work out what's happening.
    • Indicate the timezone difference between the server and client logs in your post, so we can match up what's happening on the server and client.

Pastebins - for posting logs

Avoid google docs. It loads extremely slowly, uses an annoying proportional font that breaks up vertically aligned plaintext tables, and makes it far too easy to screw up sharing settings to accidentally require a google login.
Avoid file upload websites such as Mediafire and GDrive. The log is not immediately visible and less people will go through the effort to download it.
Use a pastebin service instead, such as All of these except Github Gist can be used without an account. is not listed because it has incredibly intrusive ads.
To use a pastebin, open the logs in a text editor like notepad, copy the contents with Ctrl+a Ctrl+c, and paste into the website text area. Do not set an expiration, as this causes link rot and makes it difficult for people to Google the same problem in the future.
If you insist on not using a pastebin, format your post properly by putting four spaces before every single line of crash reports and logs. Reddit Enhancement Suite has a button that will do this for you. This is perfectly fine, as long as you get the formatting right... just beware of the Reddit character limit.


Provide as much troubleshooting information as possible:
  • Google the error message, smartly. The error message is the line after the timestamp and description in a crash report, as well as anything after Caused by:. Then, when posting here, list out your troubleshooting steps and solution attempts in chronological order.
    • If this fails to provide useful info, include "minecraft", "forge", or the name of a mod with quotes in the google search.
    • If this still fails to provide useful info, try removing anything that looks overly specific (i.e. numbers) and replacing it with * in your search terms. (This does not apply to obfuscated internal minecraft function names such as func_78471_a. These are safe to google in quotes, since they are always the same within a given minecraft version)
    • For example, if your error looks like this, you might Google: minecraft advanced rocketry "NullPointerException: Unexpected error" "RenderPlanetarySky" Note where I took keywords from in the original log.
    • If the only result is a pastebin or gist link, then google that URL to find the actual discussion.
    • Generally, you're looking for issue trackers and forum posts. If a result is from,, or, there is a good chance it has a solution or explanation. If an issue tracker seems to indicate it's a bug that's since been fixed, then try updating that mod and its dependencies (backup your pack and world before trying this).
      • Know that not everyone in random forums know what they're talking about. You should try advice given in forums, but it might not end up fixing the problem, or might just be a troubleshooting step. Be wary of downloads, and generally practice safe browsing, including by using an ad blocker. VirusTotal is a website that can be used to check for malware, and the StopModReposts extension can check for malicious minecraft downloads.
    • Stack Overflow links won't be as useful, as they'll likely just provide generic information about a java error in the context of a totally different program. More so useful for mod developers. (No, this does not mean you should spam bug trackers with Stack Overflow links. Mod developers are well aware of how to find information on error messages)
    • If a result seems to have useful information but no solution provided works, add a link to it in your post here.
  • Tell us what you've tried, and whether or not the crash report changed after trying it. Include any important crash reports and logs.
  • Does the crash occur in a newly generated world? If yes, what about a superflat map?
  • Does the crash happen with other modpacks?
  • Does the crash occur in vanilla, and/or in an empty pack with just forge?
  • Without Optifine?
  • Without Foamfix, BetterFPS, Fastcraft, shaders, etc.?
  • Different Java version? Oracle JRE instead of OpenJDK, or vice versa?
  • After you update your operating system and other software packages, and reboot?
  • You may just need to clean up malware or incompatible software. If you've recently downloaded anything from Softonic or CNET, there is a very high likelihood that you have minecraft-breaking malware. Do not use these websites, ever.
Potentially destructive troubleshooting/fixing—make backups:
  • What happens when you remove all entities with mcedit, or remove all crashing entities with B:removeErroringEntities=true and B:removeErroringTileEntities=true in forge.cfg?
  • What happens when you run Minecraft Region Fixer on your save? Note: the windows binaries are quite out of date, you will need to set up a python interpreter
  • What happens when you remove some items from your inventory using NBTExplorer?
    • If removing stuff from the world fixes the problem, keep a record of exactly what was happening before you fixed it, including logs and a copy of the corrupted world. You'll probably want to hit a mod's bug tracker. Remember that while it is of course important to get your own gameplay up and running again, it is likely other people are experiencing the same corruption problem. Nobody wants their important entities and blocks deleted. Mod authors being aware of corruption issues means less problems for everyone.
After these steps, the likelihood that you will even need to seek help to solve the issue should have plummeted. If not, continue posting.

World downloads

If you suspect a world is corrupted, there are several ways to share your save for independent testing. First, compress it as .tar.xz or .tar.gz with 7zip or PeaZip. Do not create .rar or .7z files, as .tar.xz is the exact same compression as .7z but with more widespread support. .zip is fine, but it doesn't have amazing compression ratios for Anvil files, and you should have 7zip installed anyways :)
As for actually uploading these large files: PixelDrain is a good hosted file sharing option. Dropbox, gdrive, github, and firefox send work too.
Make sure the modpack you're using is available for download somewhere so anyone can replicate the issue.
One thing you might want to do before submitting a world download to a bug tracker is to trim down your world files to a small test case rather than an unwieldy world download. Use Dinnerbone's coordinate tool to identify which region file a block is located in, and delete all the other regions and dimensions. Obviously, don't do this to your main copy of the world.

Performance problems

This section is now a comment down below.


Use common sense and read. Crash reports aren't some cryptic code that you have to look up in some 3000 page book. They're the information the software thinks the usedeveloper will most readily be able to use and understand when something goes unexpectedly wrong.
Know when to hit the bug tracker. Have you isolated the error to a single mod or a single mod combination? What specific configurations does it occur in? Does the crash report sound like it's a coding mistake rather than an end-user configuration error? Do lots of testing and provide details. How to report bugs effectively
Title your post smartly. Don't shout "HELP!". Proper spelling and grammar can indicate that you're smart enough to go through addditional troubleshooting rather than expect a spoon-fed answer. Bad title: "[HELP] Wont work!!" Good title: "Enigmatica 2 - Crash when loading world" Better title: "Enigmatica 2 - Crash when loading world (ConcurrentModificationException)"
If you solve your issue, explain how you solved it, and make your post easily googlable by including the specific error message
Read through How to ask technical questions the smart way. ESR may be a bit blunt but that document is great.
Lastly, do not post photos of your screen, or screenshots/photos of text files. Screenshots and pastebins aren't rocket science.
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serious question, how do i transfer money from one bank to another

serious question, how do i transfer money from one bank to another
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3 Ways to Understand Binary Options - wikiHow - The Facts ...

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